Ezine Publishing

When I began using the method of Ezine publishing and first submitted my articles, I found it a challenge as it was a new venture for me and quite difficult to learn the system. I experienced difficulties initially in getting my articles approved but after a small learning curve I confidently use this medium as a way to enhance my online marketing efforts.

By using Ezine publishing owners of businesses have one of the most powerful tools available to develop and market a business on the internet and over time build a recognised brand. This has been one of the greatest assets of the internet since its conception to provide the opportunity and actively promote e-commerce.

With Ezine publishing success is quite simple, all you need to do in order to be successful is to research information and allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with the system, have patience with yourself and the system when first submitting your articles. Ensure that the content is interesting to the people you are trying to attract to your website. When starting with Ezine publishing it is best to write about subjects that you are comfortable with and that you have a sufficient knowledge of to produce an interesting article.

When using Ezine publishing you will want to determine the main purpose of using the site, do you want to attract visitors to your site, bring in traffic, or just advertise your products or services? You should then write your article with this in mind.

Another way to succeed with Ezine publishing is to learn about your competition. It is always beneficial to seek out and subscribe to the Ezine publications of your competitors and by doing this you will find out what is good and bad about their articles, you can learn from their mistakes and apply those findings to your articles.

Once you have completed the first steps and launched your first publication you will then need to decide how often you want to publish your Ezine articles. The frequency is left entirely to you and the time that you have allocated in your business schedule. Ezine publishing can be used daily, weekly or monthly alongside other marketing mediums. You also need to determine what format your Ezine publishing will take, some great articles have just been be a list of tips, a list of ideas, step by step instructions on how to do something or just a straight forward informal article. The next step is in to decide whether or not you want to write this content by yourself or invite other guest writers to supply content for you. When looking to make money with Ezine publishing some sites allow you to offer classified ad space as well.

The last step for your Ezine publishing is to find a hosting site for your publication. Most marketing experts recommend that you use a professional Ezine hosting site to send and receive your Ezine publications. Websites such as Topica are among the best sites to use when running an online marketing campaign. Sites like these will help new publishers with all phases of the process and they will also help make managing the Ezine publishing site easy. The site will even help new publishers grow their list of subscribers.

If you take all of this information into consideration you will be assured success when you begin an Ezine publication site for your business it is very important to use all of the resources available to make a campaign successful and effectively promote your business.

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Smarter Email Marketing – Reboot Your B2B Lead Generation and Grow Your Business

The death of email marketing has been greatly exaggerated.

I’m sure you’ve heard the discussions about the imminent decline of email and the rise of social media. But independent marketing studies suggest that’s just not the case. Let’s see what the data tells us.

· 2012 ExactTarget Survey – 66% prefer email as the #1 marketing communication channel.

· 2012 EmailVision Study – 89.2% of marketing managers say email remains as important or more important to their overall marketing strategy compared with two years ago.

· A Merkle Study – 74% of online adults prefer to receive corporate communica­tions via email instead of social media, direct mail, text messaging, or phone.

In reality, the outlook for email marketing – with a twist – is stronger and more popular than ever. Integration is the twist. In a Strong Mail Marketing Trends Survey, 68% of business leaders intend to integrate email marketing with social media. And the marketing spend for email marketing (60%) and social media (55%), shows business leaders intend to pursue an integrated approach.

The New Email Marketing Strategy

Employing email by integrating it with social media, search, and content marketing results in smarter email marketing. Because email covers all parts of the buying cycle and champions permission marketing, it’s powerful and effective. With its opt-in feature, emails go to a target audience willing to receive them. On its own, email encourages interactivity. But combined with social media, search and content marketing, email marketing optimizes results.

Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media

Social media connect prospects, customers, and businesses. Once that’s done, relationships develop offline via email or phone. Email remains the preferred method because it’s fast, effective and efficient. With integration, both channels reinforce each other as social media informs email marketing. Respond to prospects’ questions on social media sites in a personal, engaging and focused way. This deepens and broadens your social network. And it nurtures your brand. Include links in your email to your social media sites to increase your followers. Also, gently suggest customers refer your business by sharing your email. Integrating email with social media improves effectiveness more than when employing each channel independently.

Integrating Email Marketing with Search

The superiority of email lies in its ability to address every part of the buying cycle. And it embraces permission marketing, which has replaced interruption marketing. Integration with search gives you several benefits. Newsletters or eZines are an excellent way to extend reach and build awareness. Adding relevant keywords to your emails increases prospects’ likelihood of finding your newsletters. You can also drive more prospects from search engines to your website by posting newsletters to your site. Keyword-rich emails also help increase the chances of your emails going viral. Combining email with search provides customers with marketing they want. As Jay Baer would say, email has “Youtility”. This helps improve your leads and grow your business.

Integrating Email Marketing with Content Marketing

This one’s a no-brainer. You can use email as content, as a content delivery tool and as a way to drive conversions. Let’s take email as content first. Don’t write about your products and services. Instead, focus on solving customer problems or discuss ground-breaking industry news and trends that affect your clients. Email builds trust by publishing relevant information. Email also serves as an effective delivery tool. You can attach value-added content like product brochures, case studies, and videos. Finally, email can drive prospects and clients to landing pages. This enhances conversions. Integrating email with content makes it easier for prospects and clients to access, digest and act on information you published.

Email Marketing Outlook

Due to the exploding growth of mobile devices, email marketing may reach a tipping point by 2015. Today, email has many benefits, but its future lies in integrating with other marketing channels. As business leaders purse the integration of email marketing with other channels suggests email is here to stay. Clearly, your competitors think so – judging by where they’re spending their money.

Questions for the Savvy Marketer

Does your marketing plan take a holistic approach? Are you integrating email best practices into your marketing efforts? Are you increasing your leads and growing your business as effectively as you could? If you don’t have a limitless budget, consider integrating smarter email marketing with your other marketing channels. If your lead generation needs a reboot, email might be a good place to start.

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